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Unlock New Opportunities

GuestTalk integrates with RemoteLock to provide remote lock management solutions to hotels. Guests can receive door codes directly to their mobile, allowing guests to gain access to their room without delay. Staff can also grant and revoke access to guests and change door codes easily.

Lock/Unlock Rooms Digitally


Link Guests To Rooms

Revoke/Grant Access To Rooms


Send Door Codes


Universal Inbox

GuestTalk puts you in control of your guest and staff communications. Receive all your SMS, email and social media messages in one place with GuestTalk’s smart and easy-to-use platform.

Upsell your services

Upsell your hotel services with great features such as marketing emails where you can send your offers directly to guests, increasing your direct bookings! You can also save time with automated messages!

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Virtual Reception

GuestTalk - send surveys

Send Surveys

GuestTalk - automate messages

Automate Messages

GuestTalk - Marketing emails

Marketing Emails