Introducing GuestTalk – it’s like giving your hotel a smartphone! Say goodbye to reception queues and bulky phones in every room. With GuestTalk, guests can message reception from their own devices, and your staff can reply instantly from anywhere using a PC, tablet or smartphone. It’s like magic!
Looking to save some time and up your customer service game? Look no further than GuestTalk. This handy tool can send automatic pre-arrival info, confirm bookings, and even let guests chat up reception with requests or issues during their stay. Plus, you can easily notify guests about fun events (hello, Happy Hour!) with just a click of the mouse. And when it comes to post-booking tasks like getting feedback or encouraging return visits, GuestTalk has got you covered. Even better, the system keeps track of all guest requests so you know what’s been done and what’s still pending. And the best part? No fancy training required, so even your newest team members can jump right in. GuestTalk: making your life easier, one booking at a time.
Looking to communicate with your guests at the speed of light? GuestTalk‘s got your back! From emergency situations to handing out WiFi codes, GuestTalk simplifies communication between your staff and guests.

Save time by automating guest messages like welcome messages, booking confirmations, breakfast alerts, and WiFi codes. Avoid reception queues by letting guests text their requests like reserving a table for two or some fresh towels in room 5. Staff can communicate with guests even when they’re away from reception using GuestTalk on their smartphones, so your reception is always manned, even when it’s not.

Boost your guest revenues by offering extra services and enticing customers into a direct relationship. Say goodbye to 3rd party booking fees and run your own marketing campaigns with GuestTalk.

Convenience is the key to enhanced customer service and GuestTalk makes messaging easier than calling, making your guests happier. Plus, with GuestTalk it’s easy to manage digital requests, meaning fewer staff are needed. And the best part? No fancy equipment or expert skills required! GuestTalk lives in the cloud, so all you need is a web browser.
Yes! No matter where your hotel is located or what language your staff speaks, we’ve got you covered. Just choose your preferred language at the bottom of the page, and voilà! It’s that easy! With GuestTalk, communication has no barriers. So go ahead, be a globetrotter and speak to the world with GuestTalk!
Looking to simplify your life and make it easier than ever to communicate with your guests? Look no further than GuestTalk! Signing up is a breeze – just click “Get Started” and set up your account. Add any discount codes you have and then sit back and relax as you’re directed to our secure payment portal. No need to fiddle with any complicated software setups – it’s all online and super easy!

And don’t worry if your hotel system (PMS) isn’t listed – just contact us at support@GuestTalk.co.uk and we’ll get you sorted. Once you’ve made your purchase, simply click the ‘Connect to PMS’ button and you’ll be one click away from being fully connected.

Need help figuring everything out? Check out our online user videos! You’ll be a GuestTalk expert in no time.
Oh, GuestTalk, the ultimate partner in crime for PMS! With its seamless integration, it brings through not only your guests’ information but also their bookings. We make sure every guest feels welcome by sending them a personalised registration message and getting their consent to be sent marketing messages. Join forces with us and let’s triple your revenue without lifting a finger!
Looking to make your hotel communication a breeze? Look no further! GuestTalk is here to save the day with our cloud service. No need to stress about setup fees, just a small monthly payment based on your hotel size and PMS. With our competitive SMS/WhatsApp bundles, you can send as many or as few messages as you want. Plus, could it get any easier? Choose your preferred bundle size, and we’ll automatically renew it when you’ve used it up. No commitment required, so you can cancel anytime. GuestTalk: making hotel communication as chill as a beach getaway.
To find out if GuestTalk is available in your country and language, simply reach out to our sales team at sales@guesttalk.co.uk. They’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need.
“Hey there! Need a hand with GuestTalk? Check out our help site with Support FAQs and videos – we’ve got you covered. If you’re still stuck, hit up our support team at support@guesttalk.co.uk and we’ll get right on it. And if you’re looking to disconnect, no worries – just head on over to your Account Page and select Cancel Subscription.

Rest assured that we always prioritize the security of our customers’ data. We house it in a highly secure ISO27001 accredited Data Centre and monitor it around the clock. Plus, we only use the top technology and hosting experts from the most reputable Cloud providers to guarantee that you have a dependable and safe GuestTalk system.

Looking to make GuestTalk even more awesome? We’re all ears! Shoot us an email at support@GuestTalk.co.uk with your suggestions. We won’t promise to include every suggestion, but we’ll definitely check them all out and add the ones that make the cut. Best part? We won’t charge you a penny extra for the work we put in – it’s all included in our top-notch service!

Got a big chain to manage? No problem. Contact our enterprise team at sales@GuestTalk.co.uk for a dedicated solution. Hot tip: it’s going to be awesome.
We’re thrilled to welcome new partners, no matter the size. We’ve got a team ready and dedicated to working with you on integrations. Our PMS account team over at sales@GuestTalk.co.uk will work with you to create a commercial model tailored to introduce GuestTalk to your customers. And guess what, we’ll even provide you with branding and marketing material. Yup, you heard that right! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make some magic happen and give your customers the GuestTalk experience they deserve!