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Connect to your guests even when away from reception.

GuestTalk seamlessly integrates with Cloudbeds PMS to transform the way you engage with your guests and teams via SMS, email and social media.

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Universal Inbox

GuestTalk puts you in control of your guest and staff communications. Receive all your SMS, email and social media messages in one place with GuestTalk’s smart and easy-to-use platform.

Upsell your services

Upsell your hotel services with great features such as marketing emails where you can send your offers directly to guests, increasing your direct bookings! You can also save time with automated messages!


Think of GuestTalk as a “mobile phone” for your hotel. Guests can message reception and your staff can message back from anywhere using their PC, tablet or Smartphone. There’s no need for guests to queue at reception, and no need for phones in every room.

Whenever a Guest needs to contact you, or you need to contact a guest, you can save time using GuestTalk.

GuestTalk can automatically send pre-arrival information and confirm bookings. Guests can message reception with requests or problems during their stay, and you can notify guests about events or additional services (e.g. Happy Hour at 6pm tonight!) with just a mouse click.  GuestTalk also helps with post-booking messages like getting feedback on their visit or reminding guests to visit again next time. Guest requests are tracked in GuestTalk so you know when they’ve been actioned, so everyone knows what is happening.

Designed to be instantly usable without training so new or temporary staff are immediately productive, you can also co-ordinate maintenance and catering staff from a single screen, keeping track of communication.

Do you ever need to contact your guests in a hurry? Perhaps there’s a fire alarm, or automating giving out the WiFi code? Perhaps the rooms are being refurbished and you’d rather not have the expense of putting a telephone in every room for requests? GuestTalk allows instant communication between staff and guests in a simple-to-use way.

Some benefits include:

  • You can automate standard guest messages to save time (Welcome and Booking confirmation, post-visit survey, breakfast starting/ending, giving out wifi codes)
  • Queues at reception are avoided by allowing guests to text in requests (“can we have some new towels in room 5?”, “could I reserve a table for 2 at 7pm please?”)
  • Staff can respond to guests even when away from reception using GuestTalk on their staff smartphones….so reception is permanently manned, even when it isn’t!
  • Guest revenues increase by promoting extra services “you didn’t book breakfast, if you’d like to add it, text back ‘Breakfast’ now for a 10% discount!”
  • 3rd party booking fees can be reduced! GuestTalk allows you to run SMS and Email marketing campaigns against previous guests to encourage direct bookings.
  • Enhance your customer service! Research has shown customers are happier to message than call, making GuestTalk the ideal solution to guest convenience. You also need fewer staff to handle digital requests.
  • No need for equipment or expertise!. GuestTalk lives in the “Cloud” so all you need is the existing web browser on your phone, tablet or PC.

Yes! GuestTalk incorporates Google Translate as standard, simply select your preferred language at the bottom of the page. Non-english speaking staff can use GuestTalk within minutes too, so wherever your hotel is located, and whichever language your staff are most comfortable using, GuestTalk lets them talk!

Sign up is easy with GuestTalk. Click on “Get Started” and set up your account. You’ll be able to add any discount codes on the final billing page. From here you’ll be directed to our secure payment portal to give your bank details. Everything is online and easy to setup. You can select your Hotel System (PMS) or if it’s not listed contact us at

Once you’ve completed your purchase you’ll be directed to the configuration page, click on the ‘Connect to PMS’ button and you’ll be redirected to the PMS page to authorise and in one click you’ll be all set up!

Our online user videos show the main features of GuestTalk and within a few minutes you’ll be communicating with your guests.

GuestTalk integrates with your PMS to bring through Guest and Booking information every 30 seconds. All guests are sent a welcome and registration message to confirm their contact details and consent to be sent marketing messages.

GuestTalk is a Cloud service. There are no setup fees and just a simply monthly payment depending on your hotel size and PMS. You can send as many or as few SMS messages as you wish by choosing one of our highly competitive SMS bundles, which are cheaper/message the more messages you choose. For maximum ease of use you can select your preferred SMS bundle size, and when you’ve used it up we automatically renew your SMS bundle. There is no tie in and you can stop using GuestTalk at any time.

For more information about GuestTalks availability in your country and language please contact the GuestTalk sales team on

Visit our help site and view our Support FAQs and videos. If you still need help contact and a member of the team will be in touch.

How to disconnect from GuestTalk?

To disconnect go to your Account Page and select Cancel Subscription.

To disconnect your PMS from GuestTalk, visit your account page for your PMS.

For Cloudbeds you can find the Disconnect app article in your myfrontdesk support.

To disconnect go to your Account Page and select Cancel Subscription.

To disconnect your PMS from GuestTalk, visit your account page for your PMS.

For Cloudbeds you can find the Disconnect app article in your myfrontdesk support.

Most certainly! We take great care with all customer data, which is hosted in an ISO27001 security accredited Data Centre and monitored 24×7. We employ the technology and trained hosting staff of the leading Cloud providers to ensure you have peace of mind that your GuestTalk system is secure and reliable.

We are constantly adding features and improving GuestTalk. If you have a feature to suggest please email us at and although we can’t promise to include every suggestion we receive, we’ll certainly look at them all and build in the most popular. There is not charge for these ongoing improvements….it’s just part of the service.

If you have a large hotel chain and require a dedicated solution then contact  to speak to our enterprise team.

We welcome new partners, large or small and have a dedicated team to work on integrations with you. Our PMS account team on will work with you to create a commercial model to introduce GuestTalk to your customers, a pricing tariff for your customers, and even branding and marketing material to assist.

We also partner with SiteMinder providing a wide range of pre-integrated PMS solutions.